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Late adopter - Renzo and Joe

May. 22nd, 2011

09:45 am - Late adopter

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All my working life I have worked with technology, and have been an early adopter with lots. But I am also a romantic and a traditionalist. I like old cars, preferably with eight or more cylinders and smelling of Castrol-R. I have always taken an interest in early examples of brilliant innovation in automobiles, computers, etc, e.g. in cars; desmodronic valve actuation (on 1950s Mercedes 300SLC, disc brakes (Jaguar C-Tyke (XKC)), and the such like. I love books and reading. I like quality leather and cloth bindings, I like watches that tick.

Once a week I have a fairly long commute to the London office which involves an hour on the train and half an hour on the underground. About a year ago I first saw a kindle commuter in action on the underground. I was not won over. In the last few months, I have been seeing tons of kindles on the commute, and I have started to feel "kindle envy". While not seeing the point, I was beginning to feel left out.

Persevero, in her infinite wisdom, bought me one as an early birthday present, and gave it to me last Thursday. So over the weekend I have been discovering what it really is. Once I recognised that it isn't an I-pad equivalent, and that the user interface is too clumsy to allow you to use the "experimental" browser for anything but simple web browsing, I found that it really was fit for purpose. I am a total convert. You want a book, you find it on the kindle store, and it is yours in 30 seconds. The screen in fabulous, and perfect for the job: reading books.

I have now sampled 3 trial chapters and bought my second book.

Total late adopter convert!