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Sony IT systems - Renzo and Joe

Sep. 22nd, 2011

02:07 pm - Sony IT systems

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Persevero and I are both prone to brand loyalty with it comes to consumer products. We tend to buy German cars, dishwashers and washing machines, and to buy Sony TVs, video recorders, etc. etc.

Sons 1&2 are both Playstation users, and accordingly they were put out when the Sony Playstation Network was hacked, and we also were put out, as it is our credit cards that had been used to purchase software on the network.

Yesterday, I purchased a Sony hard disc recorder, which arrived this morning. Being the good citizen that I am, I decided to register the product on-line following the instructions in the warranty information booklet. However, it appears Sony really does have major problems with their internet programming as this site falls over when you try to read their privacy policy before registering with them. I called the UK Sony help line, and they admitted that they had been having problems with the web-site for some time. I asked when they expected the web site to to be back up and running properly, and they were unable to give me an expected time-frame. It would seem this is a low priority in their organisation.

I asked if I could give them the details over the phone, but "we are not authorised to take the details over the phone".

Registering one's product for warranty does not change one's statutory rights, and so accordingly I plan to take the lazy option and not register my product with them.

So much for Sony being a premium brand.

Current Mood: annoyed